Bending C# To Your Will with Microsoft’s Project “Roslyn”

This week we’ll be having Scott Kay again from eMoney Advisor to talk about Project Rosyln.


The current C# compiler works as a “black box” to generate an assembly from source code. If you want to extend the language with analysis tools (like StyleCop, IntelliSense, or ReSharper) or scripting environments you need to re-invent a lot of the same logic. The next version of C# and VB.Net will include entirely new compilers (codename Roslyn) designed from the ground up to expose the internal logic as public APIs and serve as the basis for Visual Studio Next.

In this session, you’ll learn through code samples how to use the new C# compiler APIs to effortlessly create an interactive scripting console, analyze the semantic structure of your code, and extend the Visual Studio IDE. We’ll showcase projects which use the new compiler APIs to create powerful utilities and plug-ins.

Time/Place ?

Wednesday 3/12, 5-6pm
Drexel’s ExCITe Center (3401 Market St.)

Food ?

You betcha. Be sure to thank eMoney folks as usual :)

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CloudMine: How a bug in Amazon’s Load Balancer almost lost our Customers

Hey ya’ll. We have Ilya Braude from CloudMine coming this Tuesday for a great talk.


Everyone knows that scaling large internet applications requires many servers. A key component to serving traffic to those servers is a load balancer. Load balancers distribute incoming traffic to many application servers, ensuring that no single server is overloaded. This talk focuses on CloudMine’s experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) product, how it failed us, and our current approach to load balancing. We’ll take a deep dive into ELB inner workings, networking concepts, internet/web application architecture, and building technology at a startup.

About the Speaker:

Ilya Braude is Founder and VP of Engineering at CloudMine – a platform that provides full backend support for applications via an API, allowing developers to build fast, scalable apps quickly. Prior to CloudMine, Ilya had a blast developing next-gen (“Jack Bauer”) mobile data collaboration systems for SWAT teams and managed projects at Drexel University for the DoD as a research staff member. Ilya graduated from Drexel University with BS and MS degrees in Computer Science. He loves to play with new technologies, talk tech, and keeps himself busy with activities such as Karate and rock climbing.

Time/Place ?

Tuesday 2/11, 5-6pm
ExCITe Center (3401 Market St.)

See you there!

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Deploying Web Apps to Heroku

Hi Everyone,

To kickoff the Winter Term, we have Drexel’s very own Michael Henry giving us a talk on how to deploy your very own web app to Heroku.

If you want to follow along, sign up for a (free) Heroku account and bring your laptop.

Update: Postponed due to weather. Check back soon!

Wednesday, 1/22, 5-6pm.
Drexel’s ExCITe Center (3401 Market St.)


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CS Education Week: Computer Programming Competition

Computer Programming Competition
WED, 11/20, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. @ Rush Building, Room 014, 30 N. 33rd Street

The Math and Computer Science (MCS) Society hosts a special programming competition. Each team shares one PC and develops solutions as quickly and accurately as possible for a set of problems. The team that solves the most problems correctly will win a prize.

The problems will require good computer science and mathematical skills. There will be challenging problems companies might ask you to solve at an interview, but not only. You can either form a team beforehand or be placed into one at the event.

Don’t forget the most important part! Bring your laptop!

Click here to RSVP

Hope to see you on Wednesday and don’t forget about the other CS events happening this week!

CS Education Week Event List

Problem 1:

Goldbach’s Conjecture

Problem 2:

Fibinary Numbers

Problem 3:

Given a N different open and close braces in a string “( { [ } ] )”. How do you check whether the string has matching braces

Problem 4 – Spark Lines:

Given an array of numbers, produce a spark line for each number. The spark line length may be of size 1-7 chars.


[0, -5, 10, 5]



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Using Data to Drive User Experiences

Our friends from Monetate are coming to give us a talk!
Note: different location!

When: Wednesday, 10/30, 6-7:15pm
Where: Drexel’s ExCITe Center (3401 Market St.)
Food?: Yes, thanks to Monetate :)


The one size fits all web has lost it’s relevance in the recent years and extensive research and development has been done to make the web more personalized and relevant to the user. This talk will give an overview of how large scale dynamic personalization is done and will provide a glimpse of the challenges and technologies that have evolved in big data in the recent times.

About the speakers

Ram Parthasarathy is a product manager at Monetate interested in user interface design, high performance javascript and stretching the capabilities of the web browser . Prior to Monetate, he was a grad student at the CS department at Virginia Tech. He interned at the United Nations HQ during the summer of 2010. He is an amateur running enthusiast and a good ping pong player.

Jeff Patti is a backend engineer at Monetate with a passion for algorithms, big data, and long walks on the beach. Prior to working at Monetate he performed software R&D for Lockheed Martin, where he worked on projects ranging from social network analysis to robotics. He completed a MS in CS at Drexel University in 2011 and a BS in CS at Drexel University in 2008.

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UI/UX in Bentley’s Mobile Platforms


Guest speaker: Mark Dane, from Bentley Systems (Drexel graduate MS CS 2008).
Topic: UI/UX in Mobile Platforms
Time: Tue 10/22, 5-6pm
Location: University Crossings 153

Also, if interested in being considered for co-op, part-time or full-time job at Bentley, bring your resume and talk to Mark!

FREE hoagies, brownies, and soda will be provided.

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Code Golf

We’re trying something new today at MCS, Code Golf! says

Code Golf allows you to show off your code-fu by trying to solve coding problems using the least number of keystrokes.

While we aren’t trying to optimize for characters/size, this is an opportunity to work with new people and solve simple and fun coding challenges.

Offer up any suggestions, but we’ll try to start this off with 2-3 problems. Grab a buddy or two, or on your own, and solve this problem by hand, whiteboard, or on your laptop if you wish.

We’ll try to go around the room and share solutions.

For more code golf fun:

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CSS, You’re doing it wrong!

CSS is usually placed at the bottom of everyone’s technology stack. Most of the time, people chalk it up to black magic and just do enough to get it working. This talk explains the importance of CSS and shows how you can start writing it better.

This talk will be given by Harry Finocchiaro: eMoney Advisor Software Engineer and former Drexel CS grad.

When? Tuesday, 5-6pm
Where? UCross 153

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Google Go: Learn A New Language

Programming languages are each adept at solving certain kinds of problems. As developers, we should be exposed to different varieties of language to learn their strengths, their weaknesses, and where they are best applied. Google Go is a relatively young programming language with a unique approach and C-like syntax.

In this session, you’ll learn the syntax and distinctive features of the Google Go (GoLang) programming language. We’ll walk through code samples and identify the kinds of solutions where it might be best applied.

Usual time and place, Tomorrow, UCross 153, 5-6pm

For more reading:

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iPipeline on their Native Mobile App Solutions

Tomorrow, Tuesday 5/21/13, from 5-6pm @ UCross 153, iPipeline will be talking to us about their native mobile app development process. They will also be providing the food as well, so bring a friend. Enjoy :)

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